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Page Hamilton

Page Hamilton (b. 1960) is a composer, guitarist, producer, and the founder / frontman of American hard rock band Helmet.

In the mid 1980’s, after graduating from the University of Oregon, Hamilton relocated to New York City to complete his Master’s Degree in Jazz Guitar at the Manhattan School of Music. There he joined noise rock band Band of Susans – recording on the band’s 1989 album Love Agenda. He also spent time in avant-garde composer Glenn Branca’s guitar orchestra, recording on Symphony 6 – Devil Choirs at the Gates of Heaven, before ultimately seeking out other like-minded musicians and forming his own group Helmet.

Helmet has released eight albums over the last 25 years, including 1992’s Meantime which was certified Gold and earned a Grammy nomination. The band has also contributed music to a number of films including Johnny Mnemonic, The Crow, Feeling Minnesota, The Jerky Boys, Gun Crazy and Judgement Night (a collaboration with hip hop group House of Pain). Helmet continues to record and perform live all over the world. Their most recent album Dead To The World was released in 2016 by German-based label earMusic. In 2019 Helmet embarked on a 30th anniversary tour where they performed a 30 song set in 30 different cities – both in the United States and in Europe.

In addition to his work in Helmet, Hamilton has done a significant amount of work as a guitarist – playing lead guitar for David Bowie on The Hours tour, performing on Joe Henry’s album Trampoline, and lending his talents to Elliot Goldenthal’s guitar-based score for the film “Heat” (Al Pacino, Robert De Niro). Hamilton also played on subsequent Goldenthal scores for the films “S.W.A.T.,” “Titus,” “The Good Thief” (w/ Bono), “Across the Universe,” and “The Tempest.” In addition to playing guitar on various scores, Hamilton has composed original scores of his own – beginning with 1997’s “Chicago Cab” and, more recently for a series of independent action films: “Skyhook,” “The Phoenix Rises,” “Sons of Liberty,” and “Convergence.”

Over the last year and a half Hamilton played guitar on the debut album by Lieutenant – a new project from Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters) and recorded with New York jazz / electronica band M’lumbo for a soon to be released album. He also appeared as a featured artist on Linkin Park’s 2014 album The Hunting Party – playing guitar and providing vocals on the song “All For Nothing.”

In 2005, Hamilton produced Distort Yourself – the debut album from Gavin Rossdale’s band Institute. He also produced records for a number of other bands including Bullets And Octane, Classic Case, and Rescue Rangers to name a few.

Hamilton continues to perform live in orchestral settings as well. In 2015, he was invited by Elliot Goldenthal to perform the score from the film “The Tempest” with the Beethoven Academy Orchestra at The Film Music Festival in Krakow. Later in the year, he performed at the 2015 Britt Festival near his hometown of Medford, Oregon: as soloist for Mason Bates’ Mothership and as a guitarist in the Britt Orchestra’s all-Bernstein program conducted by Teddy Abrams.

Hamilton most recent project is a new collaboration with M’lumbo. Fairytale Aliens will be released in March 2020 via Ropeadope Records.


For more information regarding Page Hamilton as a film composer, songwriter, and producer -and also for all Helmet inquiries- please contact Page’s management:

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